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UCB EE120: Signal and Systems


  • Offered by: UC Berkeley
  • Prerequisites: CS61A, CS70, Calculus, Linear Algebra
  • Programming Languages: Python
  • Difficulty: 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • Class Hour: 100 hours

The highlight of this course is the six exciting labs that will allow you to use signals and systems theory to solve practical problems in Python. For example, in lab3 you will implement the FFT algorithm and compare the performance with Numpy's official implementation. In lab4 you will infer the heart rate by processing the video of fingers. Lab5 is the most awesome one where you will reduce the noise in the photos taken by the Hubble telescope to recover the brilliant and bright starry sky. In lab6 you will build a feedback system to stabilize the pole on the cart.

Course Resources

Personal Resources

All the resources and assignments used by @PKUFlyingPig in this course are maintained in PKUFlyingPig/UCB-EE120 - GitHub