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CMU 15-445: Database Systems


  • Offered by: CMU
  • Prerequisites: C++, Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Programming Languages: C++
  • Difficulty: 🌟🌟🌟🌟
  • Class Hour: 100 hours

This is an introductory course on databases at CMU taught by Andy Pavlo, a great expert in the field of databases. It teaches the basic topics of database systems from the bottom up, covering storage management, indexing, query processing, concurrency control, transactions, and so on.

The course project Bustub is an educational database system developed at CMU by the course instructors. During the semester, you will modify this database to implement the functions mentioned above. Moreover, as a well-written project in C++, Bustub obeys many modern development best practices, such as code specification, unit testing, cmake module build, etc. So it can be an excellent open source project to study.


  • Course Website: Fall2019, Fall2020, Fall2021
  • Recording: refer to the course website.
  • Textbook: Database System Concepts
  • Assignments: 4 Projects

In Fall 2019, the second Project is to implement a hash table, and the fourth Project is to implement Logging, Recovery, and Checkpoints in your database system.

In Fall 2020, the second Project is to implement B+Tree dynamic index structure, and the fourth Project is to implement concurrency control.

In Fall 2021, the first Project is to implement a buffer pool, the second Project is to implement a hash table, and the fourth Project is to implement concurrency control.

If you have more time you can try them all, and when you do not understand the textbook very well, trying to implement the real system will deepen your understanding.

Personal Resources

All the resources and assignments used by @ysj1173886760 in this course are maintained in ysj1173886760/Learning:db - GitHub.

Due to Andy's request, the repository does not contain the source code for the project, only the solution for homework. In particular, for Homework1, @ysj1173886760 wrote a shell script to help you evaluate your solution automatically.

After the course, it is recommended to read the paper Architecture Of a Database System. This paper provides an overview of the overall architecture of database systems so that you can have a more comprehensive view of the database.

Advanced courses

CMU15-721 is a graduate-level course on advanced database system topics. It mainly focuses on the in-memory database, and each class has a corresponding paper to read. It is suitable for those who wish to do research in the field of databases. @ysj1173886760 is currently following up on this course and will create a pull request here after completing it to provide advanced guidance.

Last update: January 18, 2023
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