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MIT Calculus Course


  • Offered by: MIT
  • Prerequisites: English
  • Programming Languages: None
  • Difficulty: 🌟🌟
  • Class Hour: Varying from person to person

The calculus course at MIT consists of MIT18.01: Single Variable Calculus and MIT18.02: Multivariable Calculus. If you are confident in your math, you can just read the course notes, which are written in a very simple and vivid way, so that you will not be tired of doing homework but can really see the essence of calculus.

In addition to the course materials, the famous Youtuber 3Blue1Brown's video series The Essence of Calculus are also great learning resources.

Course Resources

  • Course Website: 18.01, 18.02
  • Recordings: refer to course website
  • Textbook: refer to course website
  • Assignments: refer to course website