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Practical Toolbox

Download Tools

Design Tools

  • excalidraw: A hand-drawn style drawing tool, great for creating diagrams in course reports or PPTs.
  • tldraw: A drawing tool suitable for flowcharts, architecture diagrams, etc.
  • A powerful and concise online drawing website, supports flowcharts, UML diagrams, architecture diagrams, prototypes, etc., with export options for Onedrive, Google Drive, Github, and offline client availability.
  • origamiway: Step-by-step origami tutorials.
  • thingiverse: Includes various 2D/3D design resources, with STL files ready for 3D printing.
  • iconfont: The largest icon and illustration library in China, useful for development or drawing system architecture diagrams.
  • turbosquid: A platform to purchase various models.
  • flaticon: A site to download free and high-quality icons.
  • Standard Map Service System: Official standard map downloads.
  • PlantUML: Quickly write UML diagrams using code.
  • sqlfiddle: An easy-to-use online SQL Playground.
  • sqlzoo: Practice SQL statements online.
  • godbolt: A convenient compiler exploration tool. Write some C/C++ code, choose a compiler, and observe the specific assembly code generated.
  • explainshell: Struggling with the meaning of a shell command? Try this site!
  • regex101: A regex debugging site supporting various programming language standards.
  • typingtom: Typing practice/speed test site for programmers.
  • wrk: Website stress testing tool.
  • gbmb: Data unit conversion tool.
  • tools: A collection of online tools.
  • github1s: Read GitHub code online with a web-based VS Code.
  • visualgo: Algorithm visualization website.
  • DataStructureVisual: Data structure visualization website.
  • Data Structure Visualizations: Visualization website for data structures and algorithms.
  • learngitbranching: Visualize learning git.
  • UnicodeCharacter: Unicode character set website.
  • cyrilex: A site for testing and visualizing regular expressions, supporting various programming language standards.
  • mockium: Platform for generating test data.

Learning Websites

Encyclopedic/Dictionarial Websites

Communication Platforms

  • GitHub: Many open-source projects' hosting platform, also a major communication platform for many open-source projects, where issues can solve many problems.
  • StackExchange: A programming community composed of 181 Q&A communities (including Stack Overflow).
  • StackOverflow: An IT technical Q&A site related to programming.
  • Gitee: A code hosting platform similar to GitHub, where you can find solutions to common questions in the issues of corresponding projects.
  • Zhihu: A Q&A community similar to Quora, where you can ask questions, with some answers containing computer knowledge.
  • Cnblogs: A knowledge-sharing community for developers, containing blogs on common questions. Accuracy is not guaranteed, please use with caution.
  • CSDN: Contains blogs on common questions. Accuracy is not guaranteed, please use with caution.


  • tophub: A collection of trending news headlines (aggregating from Zhihu, Weibo, Baidu, WeChat, etc.).
  • feedly: A famous RSS feed reader.
  • speedtest: An online network speed testing website.
  • public-apis: A collective list of free APIs for development.
  • numberempire: A tool for calculating derivatives of functions.
  • sustech-application: Southern University of Science and Technology experience sharing website.
  • vim-adventures: An online game based on vim keyboard shortcuts.
  • vimsnake: Play the snake game using vim commands.
  • keybr: A website for learning touch typing.
  • Awesome C++: A curated list of awesome C/C++ frameworks, libraries, resources.
  • HelloGitHub: Shares interesting and beginner-friendly open-source projects on GitHub.
  • Synergy: A set of keyboard and mouse controls for multiple computers